Palliative Care

Home Town Health Care has combined the physical treatment of home health care with the pain and symptom management provided by our hospice program into our Palliative Home Care Program. This blended program gives home-bound patients with an advanced illness a third choice. With palliative home care, the patient can still be seeking a cure; but greater emphasis is put on making the patient comfortable and improving the quality of life.

Palliative care can begin at the discretion of the physician at anytime or stage of illness. This includes supportive care with or without curative intent. Expense coverage is dependent upon insurance and health plan coverage. Care can be provided in the home or assisted living with private pay. With palliative home care, a social worker and chaplain are available upon approval.

Who benefits from palliative care?

Any patient with a progressive or advanced disease who is home bound. This can be a variety of patients diagnosed with, but not limited to, cancer, kidney disease, lung disease, MS, ALS, or multisystem failure.

Medicare and Medicaid cover the cost of supportive care services under the home health benefit when the patient meets the admission criteria. Private health insurance plans with a home health benefit will cover care under the home health benefit, if home health is a covered service and Home Town Health Care is a provider.

Patient receiving palliative care at home with a skilled nurse