Leadership Team

Debbie Reed Shinkle

Debbie 'Reed' Shinkle R.N., Owner

Home Town Health Care, LLC is owned and operated by lifelong Fredonia resident Debbie “Reed” Shinkle. Debbie is the daughter of David and Betty Reed and grew up in rural Fredonia, Kansas.  After Debbie and her husband Bobby raised their four children, Debbie pursued her dream of opening a home health agency to care for family and friends in the comfort of their own homes.

Debbie has always had a “patient-first” approach in her business allowing her to branch to four additional office locations.  Home Town Health Care has acquired three more home health agencies and a hospice agency in communities which reached out to Home Town Health Care to provide continual care to area residents.  Home Town Health Care is now located in eight office locations covering 45 counties.  Debbie believes in providing care for the patients like you would your own family.

Jenessa Kleopfer

Jenessa Kleopfer, PA-C, Chief Administrative Officer

Jenessa was born and raised in Fredonia, KS, the location of the home office of Home Town Health Care. She graduated high school in 2005, then completed her bachelor’s degree at Washburn University. She later received her Master’s of Physician Assistant from Wichita State University in 2012. She moved home and began her career in family practice in Fredonia. Two years later, she was recruited to help manage Home Town Health Care’s growing agency.  She now lives on a farm in rural Fredonia with her husband, Matt, who is originally from Fairview, KS, and their four children.

As the administrator, Jenessa’s duties include overseeing staff, patient care, finances, compliance with governing bodies, and more. She believes that home health and hospice both fill a void in healthcare by providing more complete, individualized care in the home.   With strong ties to the community, Jenessa feels hiring local staff to take care of local patients further completes the hometown model.

Jon Reed

Jon Reed, Chief Operations Officer

Jon Reed was born and raised in Fredonia, KS where the home office of Home Town Health Care, LLC is located. Though Jon grew up in Fredonia, after High School he left for college. Graduating in 1990 with his Criminal Justice degree, Jon worked full-time for 21 years in law enforcement and investigations, for Police Departments, Sheriff’s Department, as a State Agent, and for a Medicare Integrity Contractor, before retiring from full-time service as a Chief of Police to join Home Town Health Care. Jon remained in law enforcement part-time for an additional nine years while working with Home Town Health Care, fully retiring from law enforcement with 30 years of service in 2020.

Jon joined Home Town Health Care in 2011. With the medical training he received while working for the CMS Medicare Integrity Contractor, Jon was able to learn the rules and regulations of home-care, home health, and hospice quickly to help the company with multiple acquisitions and expansions. Currently with Home Town, Jon is responsible for the daily operations of the seven Home Town home health and two hospice offices in Eastern KS serving a third of the State. Home Town Health Care, LLC employs approximately 90 direct employees and 30 contracted support staff. Jon is responsible for handling all contracts, negotiations, emergency management, and policies; as well as overseeing personnel matters, marketing, budgets, purchasing, and business expansion. Jon knows the growth of Home Town goes back to the roots of the company, by taking care of family and friends. Jon says “We hire local people to run local offices, who take care of family and friends. These staff are like Debbie, Jenessa, and I; they grew up and are part of the communities we serve. How can we go wrong when we put the patient’s needs first”?

Home Town is truly…There To Care.


Kim Buttler, RN, BSN, Director of Patient Services

Kim is a dedicated Registered Nurse with over 33 years of nursing experience obtained in the areas of medical surgical, cardiology, surgery, emergency room, and emergency flight nursing, with 29 of those years spent in a management role.  Kim was offered the role of Director of Patient Services in October of 2019, and has been working within the home care and hospice setting to utilize her leadership and clinical skill experience to build and maintain Home Town Health Care’s clinical excellence in patient care.

Kim stands by the philosophy that Home Town Health Care has a responsibility to the public to provide safe, professional patient-centered care, while utilizing sound clinical judgment to help meet the needs of the patients and their families. As a patient advocate, Kim believes health care professionals should empower patients by encouraging the patient to become active partners in their own care and engage in mutual goal-setting between the health professional and the patient. Kim feels privileged to work with a company and staff that can work to meet these goals.


Paige Michael, RN, BSN, Director of Quality Assurance

Paige Michael grew up in Osage City, Kansas where she graduated high school. She then attended Emporia State University and graduated in 2014 with her Bachelor of Science in Nursing. Paige began her nursing career at Stormont Vail Hospital where she worked on a medical surgical unit. While in the hospital setting, she was able to attain nursing skills and experience which has helped her evolve in her career. Paige joined the Home Town Health Care team in October of 2015 and has worked as a field nurse and clinical manager. Paige was offered the Director of Quality Assurance role in October of 2020.

As the Director of Quality Assurance, Paige provides guidance and education regarding regulatory guidelines, OASIS accuracy, and helps facilitates optimum levels of clinical practice. She also oversees the quality improvement programs within the company. Paige is passionate about the importance of providing holistic quality care to our patients in the home. Paige enjoys home health because it allows our patients to stay in the comfort of their own home while still receiving great care.